The Son of Salacia

To think, I cradled you in my arms;
these fallible stems of summer whose strength
will come and go, and sometimes fade.
I held you close.
To think, I lowered you to where sea
met sand, and washed back again;
to think that I could barely see you.

But still, the human body will know its share of salt.
We’re all the same:
a shard of glass left softened by the waves.
To think my hands were ever smooth enough
to be entrusted with the weight of touch.

And years from now, I’ll tell you,
“God, you were so small.
Barely anything at all.
In fact, I was always terrified to hold you.
I felt like the sea,
trying to lap the shore 
so tenderly
with all her force.
And that is how I loved you.” 

    • Thank you! I really appreciate it since it was one of those poems you have to leave overnight and fix the next day, haha.

      • Hahaha…. It didn’t seem like you slept on it though! Very graceful and flowing like a river, well written I must say 👍☺

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