The Laurel Tree

Daphne’s body could’ve been made into so many other things.
In fact, many men had mourned the loss of her beauty
as though it belong to them; like a promise
she hadn’t kept.
Most notably was Apollo, the same man who caused her heart
to be turned to bark so hard when all he wanted was
her softness.
Daphne, suddenly a woman no one could reach.
Daphne, suddenly happy to be alone –
how could she be happy to be alone?
The men would never understand it – not with a face like that;
not with the lust she inspired.
In the end Daphne had herself turned into a laurel tree just to make it stop,
because her words were not enough;
but even as a tree Apollo still wore her leaves,
forcing their closeness.

  1. thefeatheredsleep said:

    This is just brilliant! !!

    • Thank you! I don’t usually like most of my pieces, but I do enjoy this one. 🙂

      • thefeatheredsleep said:

        You shd b very proud you are enormously talented

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