The Unintentional Ivory Tower

This is my unintentional ivory tower.
I sleep to the sound of thunder because nothing can break my heart anymore.

A woman in the mirror, who looked a lot like me, hitting my knuckles with a wooden ruler over and over again until they bled and bruised and opened; until I learned not to clench my fists so tightly; until I Iearned to let go. She laughed when I cried, and only said, But everything is so much lighter now, isn’t it?

Here is how it happened: Love,
and then Not Love, and all the life that happened after
every bit as beautiful and full of wonder.

Nothing can touch me. I am not one to be touched anymore. No – it’s not sad – not at all. I use my fingers, my palms; the rest of my body, too – I am the one who does the touching now.

It’s so easy. I lean my body into Love – wrap my arms around it – lightly.
I hold it against me so lightly – everything is so much lighter now.

I finally understand it.


it’s nothing more than a blessing for all the life that happens after.


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