Glorifying The Bitch

I wait.
I’m good at waiting.

This world has taught me how to choose my words. How to say the most by saying nothing at all. How to make someone smile as I cut them. This world has made my hands into weapons, but the people of this world have made me glad for it.

I glorify my own frost; the word bitch. You are a bitch. Because I don’t let you hurt me. Because I don’t let you touch me. I am a bitch. I do not mind. In the morning I smile while I curl my hair. I am something beautiful.

It’s strange how you develop a taste for blood. How your skin turns to steel. How you stop caring.
It’s amazing when you learn how much you can take.
It’s sad, too, but I’ve let that part go.

It’s amazing how much I can take.

You wouldn’t believe it – these hands of mine – you couldn’t conceive it. A woman winning wars with only her will. You would never have dreamed it. At night you still see me as a little girl.


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