Moth / Wolf

I am not a moth.

Your burning wreckage
doesn’t interest me;
gains no sympathy.
The insincere apologies.
Your voice saying,
but this was your 

I am nothing so tiny,
so fragile,
I am nothing so naive
to your gas-soaked
fingernails — their
half-moons smelling
like summers
long since left

Don’t get me wrong,
fire’s fine — but you
can’t be surprised
I favor ice:

My immobile mouth.
My darkened eyes.

You had to know I
had no home.
That there was a
wolf inside of me,
and she kills

    • Thank you! 🙂 It’s rare when I get a comment on here, so I appreciate you taking the time ❤

      • That must be because your writing is fantastic and everyone is intimidated. 😉

  1. Haha, I always just assumed that most of the people who follow or like my stuff are internet bots… I’m always actually surprised when some of you aren’t…

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