Space Cadet

I think about stars a lot; their light, their glimmer.

When I’m alone though, I consider the distance too much. Make myself dizzy. Cannot keep my face turned up for too long before my head swims. I think about the planets, the nebulas, and all that space —  the weight of it crushes me with anxiety.

But then you come home and hold me. When I press my face into your shoulder I can smell the wind on your hair, and there is nothing else. You obliterate whole words like: Hypernova, galaxy, and lonely. You kiss my face, my neck, my hands– leave nothing but the light and the glimmer.

Leave nothing but the beautiful.

  1. Really cool post! To the point, and many things I like about it. Refreshing to a space-lover, as well as a love-lover! The ending ties it together in a nice way, really putting emphasis on the ‘light and glimmer.’

    • Oh wow, isn’t this the sweetest? I love a lot of things about space, but then a lot of things about space absolutely scare the crap out of me. I guess it’s like most good things in life that way, haha.

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