Battle / War

Give it back.

Kick. Hit. Swing. Hiss. Don’t fear the blood and broken bones. Spit your teeth. Laugh. Give them what they don’t expect. Instead of tears, roll your shoulders, crack your knuckles.

Don’t let anyone say you didn’t fight.

Give it back.

Start a war. You’re worth it. Wield your sword. Shoot your arrows. No one’s going to fight for you anymore. All those heroes were never to your taste anyway. They were cowards in armor, shaking at the shadows of your dark heart.

You never needed them, what they had.

So give it back.

Black their eyes and break their noses. Show no mercy. Aim your words so they’re more than flesh wounds. And when they try to hurt you, break your own fingers, break your own skin, break your own heart.

Give it back.

And then some.

And then some.

And then some.


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